Related Experimental Software

LIONESS Lab collaborates with others to build a larger infrastructure for experimental economics.

LIONESS Lab is powered by classEx – an interactive online tool to run experiments in class or in the field. If you are interested in running experiments in the classroom or in the field you finde more information on classEx on classEx runs with the same backend and can be used in a similar way. classEx is also used to run in German highschool. For more information (in German) go to

LIONESS Lab also collaborates with x-econ – an online database specialized for experimental economics.x-econ is an online-based research data repository with a focus on the experimental economics science.With x-econ, you can independently store, manage and publish your data – all on your own terms. The highly customizable features allow you to highlight the individual quality of your data, easily share your data with coauthors and reviewers, as well as make your data more visible and citable. For more information visit