Developed by the Centre for Decision Research and Experimental Economics (CeDEx), University of Nottingham and the Chair of Economic Theory, University of Passau

Easy and fast development

To speed up the development process, LIONESS Lab offers a simple what-you-see-is-what-you-get environment to click together your LIONESS experiments. Just combine different elements to design the participants’ interface and add some JavaScript for calculations.

Live web-based interaction

LIONESS experiments include standardized measures to deal with methodological challenges of online experiments, such as forming groups, retaining participants’ attention and handling drop-outs. LIONESS focuses on online interactions, in which participants get live feedback from others.

No installation needed

LIONESS Lab is a fully web-based platform. This means that you only have to create an account and can directly start to develop and test your LIONESS experiments. You can also download LIONESS experiments and run them on your own server.

Share your experiments

LIONESS experiments can be shared with other experimenters and co-authors. The growing repository of LIONESS experiments (accessible upon login) provides a good starting point for developing your own experiments by modifying existing ones. You can choose to make your experiments ‘private’ or publicly share them with others, enabling others to build on your design and facilitating replication of results.

Our paper

Giamattei, M., Yahosseini, K. S., Gächter, S. and Molleman, L. (2020): LIONESS Lab: a Free Web-Based Platform for Conducting Interactive Experiments Online. Journal of the Economic Science Association. DOI 10.1007/s40881-020-00087-0.

If you use LIONESS Lab, please cite this paper in your publications.

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