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Marcus Giamattei, Lucas Molleman, Kyanoush S. Yahosseini and Simon Gächter
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Conditional punishment: Descriptive social norms drive negative reciprocity

X Li, L Molleman, D Van Dolder (2020) CeDEx Discussion Paper Series 2020-5

Strategies for integrating disparate social information

L Molleman, AN Tump, A Gradassi, SM Herzog, B Jayles, RHJM Kurvers, W van den Bos (2020)

In bots we (dis)trust

H Tonning, M Underhaug (2019)

Social comparison, wage inequality and procedural fairness: an experimental investigation

M Fongoni, J Hepp, SR Waltl (2019)

Social information use in adolescents: the impact of adults, peers and household composition

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People prefer coordinated punishment in cooperative interactions

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Unleashing the BEAST - A brief measure of human social information use

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Test-retest reliability of canonical reinforcement learning models

L Weidinger, A Gradassi, L Molleman, W van den Bos (2019) Proceedings of the Annual Conference on Cognitive Computational Neuroscience 3

Social information can undermine individual performance in exploration-exploitation tasks

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Conducting interactive experiments online.

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Societal background influences social learning in cooperative decision making

L Molleman and S Gächter (2018) Evolution and Human Behavior 39

From good institutions to generous citizens: Top-down incentives to cooperate promote subsequent prosociality but not norm enforcement

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Subsistence styles shape human social learning strategies

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Bonus versus penalty: how robust are the effects of contract framing?

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Combining 'real effort' with induced effort costs: the ball-catching task.

S Gächter, L Huang and M Sefton (2016) Experimental Economics 19